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Philinter学校有新任native speaker老师上岗哦!

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Mr. Michael Sullivan (a.k.a. Mike), is the newest addition to the Philinter team. He is a Master’s graduate from Regent University in the USA and has 8 years of training expertise. He served as a telecommunication’s liaison for the United States Navy in Singapore, and has 3 years of ESL curriculum development and teaching experience. He has become a communications and language consultant for the burgeoning call center industry here in the Philippines; helping those who speak English as their second language handle Native speaking customer interaction. He grew up in Thailand and considers Asia his home despite his American roots and dominant native tongue. He has a beautiful Cebuana wife and 4 marvelous kids!
Welcome to Philinter! 

Mr. Michael Sullivan (a.k.a. Mike),是Philinter 团队最新的成员!他从美国瑞金大学获得硕士学位,拥有8年教学经验。他曾作为美国海军驻新加坡的电信联络员,并且拥有3年ESL课程开发与教学经验。他现在是菲律宾新兴呼叫中心产业的通信和语言顾问,帮助那些将英语作为第二语言的人处理与以英语为母语的客户之间的互动。他在泰国长大,因此他虽然有美国根以及明显的母语口音,但依然将亚洲作为他的家。他娶了一位漂亮的宿雾老婆,拥有4个非常棒的孩子!
欢迎Mr. Michael Sullivan来到Philinter!

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